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Kingdom of Bhutan

Nature Club
Phuntshothang Middle Secondary School
'Bringing young minds close to their environment and helping to create a vibrant community of environmentally aware citizens' 

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The Phuntshothang Middle Secondary School's Nature Club is part of RSPN's growing commitment to 'Environment Education for Change' and especially its commitment to Nature Clubs in schools. 


Through active participation and a range of hands-on activities, it seeks to inspire personal responsibility and and to grow a life-long love of the Kingdom's rich natural environment.

The Nature Club is open to all in the school. There are a wide range of activities including observing, identifying and recording birds and other nature on the school campus; planting nature-friendly trees; and learning about environmental protection including waste management.

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With strong support from the School's Principal and a commitment to a 'Green environment', we seek to develop a range of soft and technical skills, including teamwork, responsibility, caring for others, creativity, and problem solving.

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