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Kingdom of Bhutan

Nature Club
Phuntshothang Middle Secondary School
'Nature Clubs are the focal point for environmental awareness among school children' (RSPN)


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PMSS Nature Club wishes to promote schools-based learning about the natural world by sharing a 'Lessons-in-a-box' with near-by schools. The box, which will take one year to develop, will include lesson plans, activities, games, posters and very simple equipment. The emphasis will be on hands-on learning. The children will take part in activities outside and in the classroom and will explore different aspects of nature.


The lesson plans will feature subjects such as why we need trees, the role of insects in pollination, waste management, and the wonderful world of birds. The lessons chosen to go in the box will be those which proved particularly popular with the children of PMSS. All will provide an enjoyable way to learn about nature.

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